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Written after a journey through debilitating anxiety and health issues, “Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still” tells the tale of a little tree who learns how to overcome his fear of storms with the help of an older wiser tree. He learns to feel the rain as it falls, the wind as it blows, and how storms aren’t trying to hurt him but are meant to help him grow. After growing into a big, peaceful, brave tree, life comes full circle as a new little one is planted, becomes frightened of a storm, and now it’s his turn to pass on the wisdom he learned so she can have peace as well.

In a time when it seems we need it most, “Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still” offers the perfect introduction to one of life’s greatest lessons for finding true peace and happiness. Please feel free to download the free eBook or watch the hip-hop animated version below.

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“When I read this well written book with lovely illustrations, I remembered being a child. I would wonder, “What do I do now?” when I felt lost because I didn’t understand what was happening. I’m sure many children, if not all, feel like this sometimes. I’m guessing that this allegory will fulfill their need to know and then it will empower them to “Be Still, Little Person, Be Still” I would love to hear their dharma sharing about this and see their drawings… and it occurs to me that it is an adults’ book too! Very sweet reminder for us.”
               — Earleen Roumagoux, Wake Up Schools at Plum Village (www.wakeupschools.org)

“Heartfelt and wise. A timeless lesson beautifully tailored for our youth.”
               — Caverly Morgan, Executive Director, Peace in Schools (www.peaceinschools.org)

“A poignant, universally accessible metaphor of a tree who can weather any storm both within and out.”
                — Christina Costelo, Mindful Schools (www.mindfulschools.org)

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